Retreat with Aisha Salem on Møn, Denmark

August 2 – 5, 2018

You are welcomed to a long weekend of 3 full days in retreat with Aisha Salem at Møn Retreat Centre, Møn Island, Denmark.

The retreat opens space for the deeper rest in, investigation of and meeting with Reality through meetings with Aisha in conversations, meditations and movement.

The exchange includes full board of 3 meals/day along with chosen accommodation (exchange set according to room-specifications – see below) in addition to the ongoing meetings with Aisha.

We look forward to celebrate and deepen, to heal and unveil, to engage with Reality and Drop into its most raw, deepest touching and most naked surrender.




5-5:30PM : Welcome meeting
8:30-9:30PM : Sitting Meditation

10-12 AM – Talk with Q&A
3-4:30 PM – Sitting Meditation
8-9.30 PM –  Talk with Q&A

10-12 AM – Sitting Meditation
3-4:30 PM – Talk with Q&A
8-10PM  – Movement/Dance

10-11:30 AM – Sitting Meditation
2-3:30 PM – Talk with Q&A


Registration is possible already now via Aisha’s website:
Deposit is 900 DKK (120 EUR) and the rest is brought in cash as DKK at retreat.

Note: It is possible to book extra days of digestion either at the retreat centre or elsewhere on the island. Please read more on the Retreat Info page, which will be available through the webshop after booking.

BOOKING CLOSES: 22 July 2018, at 12AM.

NOTE: Please be sure to join the Facebook Event to stay up to date on announcements regarding retreat attendance:


Dorm = 2850 DKK
Double room = 3450 DKK
Single room=  3900 DKK
(Optional bedding & towel per person, per stay = 100 DKK)

For people living on Møn or already having a rental, as a part of a longer stay on Møn, participation can be a day-participation (including food and excluding accommodation). The exchange for such participation is: 2500 DKK



How to get there

From Copenhagen Airport to the venue by train and bus is approximately 2,5 hours. You take the train to The CPH Main Central Station directly from the airport. From the CPH Central Station you catch a train southward, getting off at ‘Vordingborg St.’ – Which train to take depend on the time of day. Check: for the specifik train and departure time (When you make the search put, ‘From: Copenhagen Airport to: Vollerupgade 2A, 4792 Askeby). From Vordingborg St. you take bus nr: 664 to ‘Vollerupgade 2A, Damme’ (Telle the Bus driver to let you off at the bank in Damme. From the bus stop it is a 5 min walk to the venue.

By train from Germany: Go to to make your search from where ever you are and to Vordingborg St. There are 5 trains during the day that can take you from Hamburg to Vordingborg St. (via the ferry from Puttgarden to Roedby). In Vordingborg you take bus nr. 664 to Damme.

By car – from Germany Whether you drive north from Germany an E47 or E55, you continue until you reach Farøbroen (Faro-bridge), just when you reach the other side you get of the highway at exit: ’42-Farø’ and onto road: ‘287’ toward Møn/Bogø. Continue 12 km and then take a right on Fanefjordsgade and continue 1 km and then take another right on Fanefjord Kirkevej – Continue for 500 m and take a left on Vollerupgade – after 60 m you will see Møn Retreat

By car – from Copenhagen/Sweden Drive south on E47/E55 toward Rødby and take exit ’42’ toward Møn/Bogø. Continue 12 km and then take a right on Fanefjordsgade and continue 1 km and then take another right on Fanefjord Kirkevej – Continue for 500 m and take a left on Vollerupgade – after 60 m you will see Møn Retreat


The Invitation of Aisha Salem is based on the Totality of Reality ~ a Full Embrace of Truth which includes Awakening to Truth, Self-realisation and Embodiment as a walk towards the open-ended birth and free fall into the reality of the True Human. It carries forth the alignment between every aspect of Being – as Emptiness, Divine and Human – through our realisation of and profound cellular merging with Source through all dimensions of Being.

Aisha Salem is a woman of Truth, an Inspirator, facilitator and guide on Self-realisation, awakening and embodiment, or in short the full-inclusion of every aspect of Reality – as the path of the True Human.

Through more than 15 years of radical surrender to and cultivation of Truth, Aisha has been merging in deep realisation of and integration with every aspect of Source; from Hearts Universality over Minds vast expanse and deeply into the Womb of the Earth and Feminine force. As the result Aisha’s Being and guidance holds the keys of consciousness to unlocking our perception and Being all the way to the hidden Core within us – in a multitude of ways.

In living the eternal and open-ended surrender to Truth, Aisha is endlessly deepening as the sacred divinity, intimate humanity and vast expanse, sharing with us on our Journeys, in many ways incomprehensible to the mind and hidden to the eye.

Aisha has been facilitating Truth across the world since 2003 and is the founder of Gateway, which is a cauldron of Truth for the people with whom she works and walks closely with in Life and Truth.


Arrival: Thursday, 2nd August from 2pm


Departure: Sunday, 5th August by 6pm



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