Møn Retreat & Kursuscenter is an active work and living community, where we cooperate with our workshop-hosts to create the best possible environment for meaningful and life changing activities and work. To ensure the optimal exchange and communication between the residents at Møn Retreat & Kursuscenter and our workshop hosts, we ask for the opportunity to have a free spot at your event for one of our residents. This helps us to merge our communities and get to know you better.

On our end we will promote your event in our network and on our webpage.

The rooms

The course center accommodates 60 overnight guests in single, double, and triple rooms. Supplemental group and process spaces to support teaching

Nice living room

In addition to the two teaching rooms, here are two cozy living rooms/living rooms that can be used inside and outside the classroom. Both living rooms are west facing with views of the fields and at times some stunning sunsets.

Organic Food Purchase Policy

Møn Retreat and Kursuscenter is dedicated to serving high-quality healthy food to its customers. We are committed to purchasing over 90% of our total food purchases from organic sources. We primarily purchase from suppliers who are themselves ecologically certified and communicate our approach to all of our food suppliers to ensure they understand and support our requirements.

In the event that the required produce is not available as organically certified, we ask our chefs to change and adapt their menu to choose different available organic produce instead. Where possible, we encourage our chefs to procure as much organic, seasonal and local food produce as possible.

Only in the rare case of a product being necessary but not available as organic, we allow the purchase of non-organic alternatives. These non-organic purchases must not be in excess of 10% of our total food produce purchases.

As a retreat center, we do not offer any alcoholic beverages and beverages such as tea will be purchased organic.

Most of our meals are vegetarian or vegan, however, in the rare case where we are asked to offer fish, we aim to purchase fish from sustainable ecologically certified sources. Very rarely we use homegrown herbs which are not included in our accounts of organically purchased foods. These are carefully harvested, washed and prepared in our kitchen. We do not purchase or prepare game.


The Buddha classroom itself is 108 sqm – beautifully bright room with high ceilings, exposed rafters and skylights. The beautiful pine floor inspires to use the body. It is the perfect setting for meditation, yoga and other teaching. The Ganesha Hall hall is approx. 40 sqm and overlooks the courtyard.