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About us


Møn Retreat Center offers workshops, courses and festivals for people who want to live a more meaningful, conscious and present life. The space is ideal to find balance between body, mind and spirit. This is a space with quiet, scenic surroundings, within a walking distance from fields, forests and the ocean.

Møn Retreat Center is run by a staff of approximately seven people, and between 3 – 7 volunteers who live here all year long. We serve mostly vegetarian food (90-100% organic) both for guests and volunteers. Volunteers are a fundamental key to our success.


We offer 2 different volunteering opportunities at the center:

  • Long-term volunteering (recommended stay of 2 months and above)
  • Short-term volunteering (for volunteers who want to take part in a specific event / workshop / festival)

Please find more information about each opportunity below.


Daily tasks may include

– Helping prepare food

– Serving food to guests

– Dish washing

– Cleaning rooms, toilets and common areas

We welcome people who are interested in offering their presence, commitment and priceless work. You will be part of a community of international people, each one bringing their gifts and contributing to the flavor, diversity and uniqueness of Møn Retreat Center.


Short-term volunteering opportunities 2019


29 May – 02 June – John de Ruiter

17 – 23 June – ISTA Level 1

11 – 14 July – Samten Tse (Khandro Rinpoche)

24 – 28 July – Oneworld Festival

31 July – 4 August – Flow & Grow Festival

Please read below on how to apply.


How you contribute

4 hours of volunteer service per day


What is included

Participation in event when not working

Food (mostly vegetarian and organic)


What is not included

Accommodation (we suggest volunteers to bring their own tents)



Long-term volunteering


Long-term volunteering is for people who wish to blend in with our international community and be a key part of the long-term success of the center. Most long-term volunteers who have been with us become treasured friends and some come back to volunteer during the bigger events and festivals while others come back to join our community for yet another fruitful season. We are very happy when we see our friends coming back again, time after time, year after year. This is what the volunteering experience is all about. Long-lasting, true and meaningful relationships with people that care about each other and have a common place to meet where they can call ‘home’.


How you contribute

5 hours of service per day during 5 days per week (2 days free)


What is included

Accommodation (single or double shared room)

Food (mostly vegetarian and organic)

Participation in some events when not in service (dependant upon event being open for volunteer participation)


What is not included



How to apply


If you are interested in the possibility of volunteering at Møn Retreat Center, send us an email at:  volunteer@moenretreat.dk

Please include the following information:

– Name

– Email (and Facebook, if possible)

– Phone

– Dates interested in volunteering with us

– Your motivation for volunteering with us


We hope to hear from you and welcome you soon!

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