The transformation from a proud nursing home to a living powerhouse.

The large, substantial building from the late 1930s, the old ‘Fanefjord Nursing Home’ on West Møn, had been empty for several years and was about to decay. But in 2012, a small handful of enthusiastic people came by. They saw that there was a vast untapped potential in the many red bricks. Together, they acquired the endowed municipal institution with all its broken windows and dead flies. The vision was to turn this corner of Damme city into a burgeoning powerhouse. A place that provides courses, retreats, and workshops to inspire human growth and well-being – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

With the help of many voluntary and diligent hands, beautiful transformational work and an incredible transformation of the place’s energy and physical environment are flourishing.

The old nursing home of the 1930s is transforming and now stands as a reality like ‘Mon Retreat & Course Center.’