30 august – 2 september 2018

Everyone has a multi orgasmic potential, men as well as woman. But especially the woman since her orgasm isn´t followed by an ejaculation, her orgasms has a natural tendency to roll trough the body again and again.

Sadly some women never experience an orgasm and many women have difficulties orgasming. Most women who have an orgasm experiences a short peak orgasm while stimulating clitoris. The reasons why woman has a low orgasmic capacity are many.  A tendency to make love for someone else´s pleasure, a history of faking orgasms, nervousness, insecurity, a lack of capacity to handle large amounts of energy, shame and guilt for showing emotions or making sound, a history of abuse or lack of knowledge can be some of the reasons. 

Mutiorgasmic woman is a workshop for you who want to increase your orgasmic potential. 

A multiorgasmic woman is a woman who is satisfied with herself, who doesn´t hunt for validation from others. She has the capacity to fully enjoy life and shares her pleasure unconditionally with her partner. She has many deep orgasms that makes her let go of stress, worries, negativity and pain so that she can be filled with new energy in everyday life. 

A multiorgasmic woman is creative, in connection to her intuition and she is constantly flooded with hormones that makes her loving and caring.  She is a good friend, a loving partner and an amazing lover.

A multiorgasmic woman is in balance, in her full power and in touch with her potential as a human. 

During the workshop we will go through:

* Anatomy and physiology of the clitoris, G  spot and cervix.

* The variety of orgasms possible

* The art of surrender and energy orgasms

* Functions of the orgasms

* Building orgasmic energy trough breath and meditation

* Massage of belly and pelvic floor to release tension and increase orgasmic potential

* Self love

* Sexual hypnosis

* Yoni Healing


4.400 DKK

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About Lin Holmquist

Lin Lovely is one of Swedens foremost therapists in sexuality and bonding! She works with tools such as tantra, yoga, therapeutic yoga, NLP and healing. She has vast experience of bodywork, massage, health beneficial work and sexual coaching and she has many international courses. 

In her work as a sexual therapist, she works with both singles and couples, but she also works with education in groups and arranges many big events in Sweden and the rest of the world, amongst it, Europe’s largest tantra festival.

With Lin you are safe to explore the most intimate and vulnerable, as well as your power. Lins Dharma – life calling – is to stand in the front of a LOVE REVOLUTION which starts in YOUR heart so that we together can spread light and love in the world.


30 august 2018


2 September 2018


4.400 DKK



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