For the Møn Retreat Centre is to be an enduring sanctuary of guidance, spirituality and meaning, where all who volunteer and live here, fully support each other’s freedom, growth, creativity, and highest potential.

To all who come here, we offer an experience of profound beauty, wholesomeness, wellbeing, human warmth, respect, and care. This is expressed by our authenticity, wholehearted dedication, and careful attention to providing an environment where individual guests and group leaders feel nurtured and supported. We are guided by integrity, openness and kindness.


isn’t just a catchphrase or a slogan; it’s so much more than that. What it is is an experience, an indescribable feeling of well-being everyone who visits the enchanting island of Møn seems to come away with.

This breathtakingly beautiful island situated in the south of Denmark, has much to offer those who are looking to be surrounded by beauty, serenity, and calm.  The island of Møn truly is a magical place.

In our modern, fast-paced lives, things can get stressful and challenging. We are always on the go, problem-solving, with rarely enough time to rest. Where do you channel most of your energy? Do you give yourself time to recharge? To regain balance, we need to practice self-care both inside and out. We must take time to reflect, try something new, embrace a fear, or simply reward ourselves for hard work. That is where the Møn Retreat Center comes in. We believe in the magic of Møn and that everything in life is about balance.


At the Møn Retreat, we strive to help awaken the power of the human spirit.
We support individuals (and groups) on their path to living a personally meaningful and balanced life.

Through education, movement, contemplation, and loving-kindness, we encourage holistic values that become a catalyst for social change. The Møn Retreat Centre is a place of spiritual practice designed to enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotion, and renew the spirit.


The Møn Retreat Centre is a safe-haven for the cultivation of human consciousness and well-being. Our aim is to provide paths to enhance, deepen, and inspire the present experience.


Møn Retreat is a positive and powerfully transformative environment providing experiential training in the cultural arts.

Surrounded by the magnificence of Møn’s natural beauty, people from around the world come here to grow towards wholeness in their lives.

At MRK, we are dedicated to fostering deep awareness and appreciation of life through the compassionate treatment of all beings and promoting wisdom and peace in celebration of the human spirit.


Conscious living is a choice. It is an expression of personal power and freedom when you begin to assume responsibility for your own responses and reactions to the events and circumstances in your lives. Through improved self-knowledge and self-understanding, stress and unhealthy states will fade from many aspects of life. One of the first benefits derived from conscious living is the emergence of a sense of empowerment. As we begin to recognize the source of our reactions and accept that they come from within, there is no longer any need to take our cue from someone or something outside of ourselves.

By living consciously, we have more control over our responses to life circumstances. Knowing ourselves better, we know where our thoughts come from and can choose to make an appropriately healthy and positive response. By being conscious, we can create the life we want to live rather than having to live the life that is handed to us. A second and equally valuable benefit of conscious living is the enhancement of our interpersonal relations. As we assume responsibility for ourselves, we will have less of a tendency to or need to blame others for our reactions, eliminating a tremendous source of conflict in most relationships.


MRK is in an affiliated partnership with Mon Unesco Biosphere through which we suppost ecotourism. The aim of ecotourism is to promote the appreciation of the local environment and the pursuit of outdoor activities without disturbing the ecological balance. The traditions of the community will be protected and promoted in order to support the identity, culture and interests of the local populace.

The UN organisation UNESCO has unveiled the isle of Møn and its surrounding islands and waters as Denmark’s first biosphere reserve.

Møn biosphere reserve is a series of islands and islets located in the southern Baltic Sea covering 45,118 ha. There are woodlands, grasslands, pastures, wetlands, coastal areas, ponds and steep hills. This biosphere reserve counts with a number of small villages, scattered farms and residential areas with a total population of some 45,000. The main activities are trade, agriculture, fisheries and tourism.


The Møn Retreat Centre supports eco-tourism. The aim of ecotourism is to promote the appreciation of the local environment and the pursuit of outdoor activities without disturbing the ecological balance. The traditions of the community will be protected and promoted in order to support the identity, culture, and interests of the local populace.