Summer embodied training 

Embody the knowledge & the power of Supra-Natura

This is an intensive and residential training. With the target that you experience, practice & learn different holistic & hermetic methods with in the fields of Shamanism & tantra.

Tantra & Shamanism work as a healling science & as a way to elevate consciousness. Both are based in 3 dimensions: the physical body;theastralbodyandthe causal body.

In our times, allopathic medicine is going back to the old wisdom of practices like  Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, natural remedies between other ones. In some aspects, Science and Supra-Natura are becoming in the middle.

Tantric Shamanistic knowledge combines also both aspects of this middle point.

Sacred Sexuality is one of the main aspects and tools that Tantric Shamanism uses to heal, to connect with the universe and develop the communication with the  Supra-Consious and the Supra-Natura.

In this training we will explore the power, knowledge and experience of sexual energy, ritualism, and embodied shraman practices and where they can take us. The objective is to share two methods and some techniques within them: Tengerism (the shraman belief system of interconnected sacred supra- natura) & TantricShamanic technology.

Basic approach to be covered:

  • You will recognize and work the different tantric shamanic rituals and experiences with the purpose to elevate the frequency of your self; and acknowledge the ancient ways to connect with Supra-Natura with the objective to work with the astral and causal bodies.

  • Experience the power of Ancient Tantra and its tools as a gate to heal and to create a bond with the your own higher-self, the supra-conscious and the Universes.
  • Understanding and get the basic structure on why and how it works the Shraman ancient methods. Re-visiting our Shamanic roots of the tribal families of the Dravidians, Mayas, Aztecs, and Balinese.
  • This retreat will offer you an academic and a practicum spectrum for people that had already experience on both fields, that they are therapist, sexologist, tantricas, healers or masseurs .
  • We will discover how to create an altered state of mind and also how this experience bond the person to a healing manifested tool.

Shamanic-Tantric Rites:

  • The use Prana & Breathwork to delivered the Omni-Presence State of the Being.

  • Embodied Pranic Ritual to connect the consious to Mother Earth & to Father Universe.

  • The Animal Medicine Wheel and the State of Resonance “The Egg healing Method”

  • Stones and mud; the opening of the bodies and the healling of the energy.

  • Sexual Energy coming back to the animal; the gate to the ecstasy healing power.

  • Sound , Cacao & the Sacred Woomb, the divine presence; “Transmutation of the Linage” Mayan Cacao Sexual Ceremony.

  • The power of the fecuencies; smugling, drum release, perfume alchemy & tabaco.

  • Energy Orgasms the power to generate Parvati Spark on Tantra Kriya Yoga

    Spiritual calling and cleaning “Use of Nature on You” The power of water & flowers.

  • Temazcal “the pre-hispanic sweat lodge” the warrior transformation rite of passage.
  • Mahamudra Rite the gate to the Soul Connection .

    All these rites will have the theory framework to have an embodied experience to receive and give afterwards in the residential training.

    Start to walk the path of the Sacred Wisdom  and awake the Shamanic Master on YOU !!!


    545Euro, Early bird 500 euro until June 1 / Deposit: 200Euro.

    Arrival Wednesday August 8 at 5 pm. to land and get your selv settled in.

    Certification of Assistance by EATP (European Ass. of Tantra Professionals) as Introduction Practicum on Shamanism & Tantric Sacred Sexuality 

  • Accommodation, Seminar, 3 organic meals included by day and use of the hole Retreat Center.

    Booking and information: // phone (+45) 23 25 89 98

General Content Program subject to the process, the energy and the background knowledge of the group

Tantra Tools within Shamanic Tengerism

  • –  The power embodied energy
  • –  Ritualism, meditation, bodywork
  • –  Sacred Sexuality & Orgasmia
  • –  The method of the belief system

Human and the supra-natura, the gate to acknowledge the supra-conscious state of mind & how is linked to the Healing

  • –  The universe according our ancestors.
  • –  The physical body as gate to the astral &causal cosmogony.
  • –  Embodied nature spirit
  • –  Embodied the animal spirit
  • –  Orgasmia the connection to the soul, theother dimension to evolve.

Shamanic Tools

  • –  The importance of the connection of Micro-Macro.
  • –  The importance of cause-efect theory
  • –  The theory of resonance as quantumaspect on shamanism & tantra.


  • –  The Shamanic Tengerism aspect of Tantra
  • –  Breath, Prana & frequencies.
  • –  The 5 bodies of the human being
  • –  Tantric System: Chakras, nadis, talas &marmas.
  • –  Shraman Connection to be a healer or acaller.
  • –  Understand the universal origing of Tantra
  • –  Shamanism as a tantric vehicle
  • –  Alchemy of the body & the spirit
  • –  The power of the intention
  • –  The higher self, the dhaka, the dhakini,the inner wisdom, the shaman, the channel.


– – –

Its important to work in your body (detox with a healthy diet)

3 weeks before twice a week practice satya kriyas

Complete the readings that will be provide

Specific Rites that involves the following tribal traditions: Olmec, Aztec, Balinese, Dravidian, Siberian, Philippines and Mayan

– Cosmogony in each ritual, its original intention and the evolve-modern practice


THIS is an

ACADEMIC & TRANSPERSONAL PRACTICUM seminar & experience with the intention to experience an introduction to our next Professional & Mentors Tantra Training by TrueTantra


Knowledge shared by Anand Rudra

Of Mexican Origin, living in Europe for the last 15 years.

He is an International Relations Lawyer; holds three masters degrees on North American  Studies; Relations Mexico-USA; Law & Economics of European Union. And a PHD in Security Studies of European Union.

Entrepreneur; involved in Public Policy and advisor for International Public Policy and Diplomacy.

Being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was attracted to the esoterica world.  As a hobby he has being studying tarot, psycomagia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry and shamanism. Yoga Alliance teacher and YACEP facilitator. Develop ATKY as transformational yoga & tantric practice.

     +31 639 49 21 15




8 August 2018 5 pm.


12 August 2018 2 pm.


545Euro, Accommodation in shared room, without beddings (Early bird 500 euro until June 1) 

Deposit: 200Euro

Optional single room: 60 Euro

Rental of bedsheets and towels: 20Euro



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